Our devices, the Myn-One, come pre-installed with our revolutionary software package Each of the MYN-ONE devices come with their own uniqe NFC CARD based license.

Easy Setup

The MYN-ONE devices are easy to setup with our simple to use setup wizard. Getting started with blockchain has never been easier.

Easy Repair/Reset

Using your devices NFC CARD it is very easy to repair or reset the Myn-One, just tap the screen and the system will do everything.


MYN-ONE devices feature bluetooth, WI-FI, 2G/3G/4G/LTE connectivity allowing them to work anywhere in the world. All of the MYN-ONE devices feature an USB Type C port.



MYN-ONE devices are all WaterProof.

Everything comes in one box

The MYN-ONE devices include the software out of the box with its Type C charger and NFC CARD. Optionally, charging docks can also be supplied.


Get detailed insight into the status of your supply chain.

After you've deployed the platform, you will now be gathering key insights into the detailed functioning of your supply chain.

Consistent data entry

Ensure that data is consistently entered into the blockchain, and ask questions to verify data accuracy at any interaction with MynOne.

AI Insights

By using the MynOne platform, your data is being entered in a way MynAI will understand, allowing for our automation to discover inefficiencies and automatically optimise them.

Meet Deadlines

Identify slowdowns and plan ahead for them, our datamodel will help you resolve those SCM nightmares.

Live visual representation

See the location of all of your MynOne readers, their usage statistics and current status!

Implement Alongside

When getting started with, you begin implementing the system at a small scale. By deploying the MynOne alongside any existing SCM solution, information can begin to flow easily

Secure by nature

The platform is inherently secure, allowing for all data to be transacted securely within the private ledger.

SmartSCM Platform

Our unique administrative Tablet UI allows for secure viewing of blockchain data.

Weak-Link Detection

Our software package can automatically identify bottlenecks and buffer items in the supply chain at different points, consolidating shipments and increasing efficiency

And much, much more!

Our skilled team of developers can rapidly integrate custom solutions into the product. Reach out here for more info!.



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